Pr. Yucheng KUO

Assist Professor, MD, PhD, Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan

Pr. Yucheng Kuo is the conventional western medical educated MD. However, he pays much attention on Chinese Medicine and acquired CMD at 1995. In the same time, he opened his medical practice at Contemporary Han Medicine Clinic. During 1995 to 2004, he completed Pharmacology Master and PhD in Biomedical engineering at the National Taiwan University. In 2004, he began his academic career as Assisted Professor at the Department of Pharmacology in Taipei Medical University. He also teaches Herb Formulae at School of Pharmacy in the National Taiwan University and Pulse Diagnosis at the School of Post-baccalaureate Chinese Medicine in China Medical University. He is the Editor in chief for Asia Continent of Scholar Journal of Applied Sciences and Research and Guest Editor of the Journal of Pharmacological Reports. He built the Contemporary Han Medicine Clinic for the application of pulse diagnosis system and evidence-based herbal study. In 2018, he launches the Meridian World Health Organization Alliance (MWHOA) to introduce the different concept on Medical Duality of Wave and Particle all over the world for systematical, friendly, simple, cheap, easy-learning and board applying medical care system.