Pr. Edzard ERNST

Emeritus Professor, MD, PhD, FMedSci, FRSB, FRCP, FRCPEd, Exeter University, Exeter, Great-Britain

In 1978, he qualified as a physician in Germany and also completed his PhD. He received hands-on training in acupuncture, autogenic training, herbalism, homoeopathy, massage therapy and spinal manipulation. In 1988, he became Professor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Hannover Medical School. In 1990, he became Head of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department at the University of Vienna. In 1993, he became Chair in Complementary Medicine at the University of Exeter. In 2013, he retired and became Emeritus Professor at the University of Exeter. He has published 52 books and more than 1000 articles in the peer-reviewed medical literature. His work has been awarded with 16 scientific awards. Since 1993, his research focused on the critical evaluation of all aspects of complementary and alternative medicine. He does not aim to promote this or that therapy. His goal is to provide objective evidence, reliable information and critical assessment.