Optimizing the Development of Behavioural Interventions: Qualitative and Quantitative methods.

Mar 30, 2019


Espace Saint-Charles


Workshop in French

Behavioural intervention development and testing is an important challenge in the context of chronic disease management. Behavioural interventions need to be developed to target clinically important problems using an established behavioral development framework. Intervention components and ‘packages’ must be selected based on a solid evidence-base, incorporate all stakeholder perspectives, and tested in the target populations of interest. This workshop will discuss how to meet these challenges using qualitative and quantitative methods to optimize behavioural intervention development. Specifically, we will discuss the ORBIT Model of behavioral intervention development, how to determine what a ‘clinically important’ problem is, and methods for intervention definition and refinement. We propose a two hour workshop composed of three presentations and three group activities, where participants will be invited to practice the concepts discussed.
Langage : French

Optimization of trial design: Did you skip a phase?
Anda DRAGOMIR, Vincent BOUCHER, Florent LARUE, Claudia GEMME

Define and Refine your clinical question using quantitative methods.
Vincent BOUCHER, Anda DRAGOMIR, Florent LARUE, Claudia GEMME

Incorporating an integrated knowledge translation (iKT) approach to developing your behavioural interventions: involving key stakeholders using qualitative methods.
Florent LARUE, Anda DRAGOMIR, Vincent BOUCHER, Claudia GEMME

  • Pr. Kim LAVOIE

    Professor, PhD, FCPA, FABMR

    Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Chaire de médecine comportementale, Montreal, Canada


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