Medical duality and complementary

Mar 28, 2019


Rabelais Hall


Lecture in English

Fourier Transform links the duality of time and frequency domain. However, it took time to be accepted by academic and engineer field. Even when electric telegraph had been achieved, Lord Kelvin supported Fourier transform anonymously. The duality of wave and particle about light took longer time than Fourier Transform until quantum physic developed. How about the medical duality and Complementarity? Compared with Conventional Western Medicine focuses on molecular and particle, Chinese Medicine pays much attention on wave. It should be the major issue including cultural different, knowledge limitation, technique development and economic demand. To face the medical duality and complementarity maybe lead to the integrated medicine and solves the medical problem existed in above fields.

  • Pr. Yucheng KUO

    Assist Professor, MD, PhD

    Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan


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