How to evaluate complementary medicines?

Mar 28, 2019


Rondelet Hall


Lecture in French

Thousands of randomized trials have been conducted to evaluate the most popular complementary medicines. However, important methodological problems in design and conduct, and discordant interpretation of the trial results of studies have precluded reaching solid consensual conclusions. The challenge is to design studies in a way that fully satisfies methodological standards and that is consistent with everyday practice of complementary medicines including individualization of treatment and holistic aspects. The specific methodological problems of trials evaluating complementary medicines will be discussed, with an emphasis on the necessity to use the full spectrum of trial designs, from very explanatory to completely pragmatic, in order to achieve a complete evaluation.

  • Dr. Caroline BARRY


    Centre de Recherche en Épidémiologie et Santé des Populations - INSERM U1018, UMR 1178 Santé Mentale et Santé Publique, Maison de Solenn, Paris, France


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