One of the largest world scientific meetings and exhibit on Non-Pharmacological Interventions (#NPIs)

Non-Pharmacological Interventions (NPIs) have become solutions for Integrative Medicine. NPIs have become preventive, complementary, and personalised medicines to improve health, quality of life and, often, life expectancy. Recent observational studies have also highlighted the positive economic and social impact. Therefore, this international conference should allow participants to share evidence of the efficacy, safety and costs/effectiveness of NPIs, to discuss study protocols leading to the acquisition of evidence, and to understand the mechanisms of action involved in NPIs.

The iCEPS Conference is an international meeting designed for sharing evidence on the efficacy, safety, and costs/effectiveness of NPIs, for discussing the research protocols used to obtain these evidence, for understanding the dedicated mechanisms, and for disseminating best professional practices. The conference proposes plenary lectures, poster sessions, workshops, training sessions, exhibit hall, and many other events to facilitate collaborations.

Day 1, Thursday 28th March 2019: Research Methods, Plenary Lectures and Posters.

Day 2, Friday 29th March 2019: Research Results, Plenary Lectures and Posters.

Day 3, Saturday 30th March 2019: Professional Practices, Workshops.

Welcome to the Seventh Edition.


The congres is aimed at Researchers, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, other stakeholders


The CEPS Platform is a collaborative academic platform dedicated to sharing methodological tools for non-pharmacological research. The Platform is structured as a Scientific Interest organization. The Platform receives support of the French State, the Region Occitanie and the Metropole of Montpellier.


Yannick Bardie, Pierre-Louis Bernard, Isabelle Boulze-Launay, Gérard Bourrel, Monica Cappellini, François Carbonnel, Aurélie Gerazime, Estelle Guerdoux-Ninot, Vanessa Guillaumon, Aline Herbinet, Sophie Laffray, Diane L. Lassonde, Michel Launay, Béatrice Lognos, Cécile Maestracci, Jérôme Maitre, Aurore Marquis, Grégory Ninot, Sylvie Rapior, Karine Saget, Raphaël Trouillet, Alain Warnery


Antoine Avignon, Simon Bacon, Yannick Bardie, Caroline Barry, Claudine Berr, Hubert Blain, Olivier Bonnot, Isabelle Boulze-Launay, Gérard Bourrel, Jean Bousquet, François Carbonnel, Bernard Clary, Guy Delande, Bruno Falissard, Lise Gauvin, Estelle Guerdoux-Ninot, Philippe Hartemann, Maurice Hayot, Aline Herbinet, Gisele Kanny, Jacques Kopferschmitt, Sophie Laffray, Michel Launay, Kim Lavoie, Béatrice Lognos, Grégoire Mercier, Grégory Moullec, Grégory Ninot, Julien Nizard, Patrick Poucheret, Sylvie Rapior, Lise Rochaix, Pierre Senesse, Eric Serra, Raphaël Trouillet


“Non-Pharmacological Interventions (NPIs) are science-based and non-invasive interventions on human health. They aim to prevent, treat, or cure health problems. They may consist in products, methods, programs or services whose contents are known by users. They are linked to biological and/or psychological processes identified in clinical studies. They have a measurable impact on health, quality of life, behavioral and socioeconomic markers. Their implementation requires relational, communicational and ethical skills” (Plateforme CEPS, 2017).

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